MSME Platforms: Sambandh and Sampark

The Government of India has been continuously taking efforts to empower the MSME sector by facilitating them to onboard various platforms and offering opportunities at various stages to level up with other corporate sector for surge in overall economic growth.

In this write up we will briefly explain two such initiatives taken by the Government for growth and development of MSME’s. These initiatives are MSME Sambandh and MSME Sampark.

MSME Sambandh portal

To ensure that MSME sectors are well working in the economy and getting equal window of opportunity when compared to other corporates, the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) led by Giriraj Singh, Minister of State MSME, launched the Public Procurement Portal ‘MSME Sambandh’ in the national capital 8th December, 2017.

As per the public procurement policy for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSE) order 2012, each and every:

  • Central Ministry
  • Government Departments
  • Public sector undertakings (PSU)

Shall mandatorily procure 25 % of their annual purchases from MSE’s and log these details on the MSME Sambandh portal(In the above 25% , minimum 3% reservation is for women owned MSEs.)

The central ministry, department, PSU’s which fail to meet the annual goal should justify before the Review Committee headed by Secretary (MSME) constituted under the public procurement policy.

MSME Sambandh is the platform whereby Government can track the annual goals of above said units online.

All three users have to create their account on msme sambandh login and then they have to submit:

  • Annual procurement data
  • Monthly procurement data
  • Address and officers details

All these data are accumulated by the system and monitored on a quarterly basis. Thus MSME SAMBANDH Portal help in monitoring the implementation of public procurement policy for micro and small enterprises.

Below given is the extract of data available on the Sambandh Portal which shows procurement from MSE/SC ,ST owned MSE/Women owned MSE.

Such online portals are playing crucial role in tracking the procurement process of entities from MSE’s and present a clear frame of efforts of the Ministry.

MSME Sampark

For development of MSME sector in India, Ministry has already running various training institutes where skill based training are imparted so that they can earn their livelihood independently. To fulfil this objective, Ministry has taken practical approach as such trainings are not worth unless the students of such institutes gets employed.

MSME technology centre are providing training to almost 1.5 lakh students annually who later gets recruited in the industry. There are 18 technology centres which are operational; some of them are as given below situated at various states in India.

Post skill development it is crucial that the students gets employments as per their skills and their job profile matches with their skill set.

To provide such platform to the students MSME Sampark was inaugurated by President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind on June 27, 2018 to develop skill-pool and enable trained youth to know about different employment opportunities.

MSME Sampark is a digital portal where job seeker basically passed out trainees/students of MSME technology centre and institutes, register themselves to seek employment opportunities and recruiters register themselves to get skilled employees.

As per the Annual Report of 2019-20 of MSME as on 31.12.2019, a total of 53,295 passed out trainees(job seekers) and 5,397 recruiters (job provider) have registered on the SAMPARK portal against vacancies posted by recruiters; 15,935 resumes have been shared with recruiters and 2,538 jobs have been offered.

Both recruiters and job seeker have to register themselves on the portal through a simple online application process.

On the Portal recruiter can search candidates based on their skills, experience, and location. Below given is the extract available on the Sampark Portal regarding working of the portal.

Recruiters Point of View

  • One has to register in the portal with basic minimal information and need to update profile post registration, which will help them to have better reach to trainees of MSME TCs (Job seekers).
  • In case of any issue, they may contact the centre to expedite registration. The existing recruiters of TCs and contact centre will exchange their user credentials to their contact person. You will be asked to change your password after your first login.
  • Recruiters may approach contact centre for their job postings without self registration and necessary assistance will be provided in registration and job posting.
  • Recruiters can do a candidate search without registration also, however to contact the candidate registration is must.

Candidates Point of View

  • One has to register in the portal with basic minimal information and need to update profile post registration which will help the candidate to have better reach to recruiters.
  • Candidate need to provide name, institute name & date of birth for registration.
  • Candidates with incorrect credentials / data feeding would not be allowed to further register themselves on the portal and access will be denied.
  • Candidates may carry out job search without registration, however, cannot contact the employer without registration in portal.

This online portal is reducing the burden of unemployment in our society and provide a righteous direction to the youth of the country.

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