Registration with Coffee Board

Coffee is one of the most favoured beverages throughout the world. The freshness and aroma of coffee brings the beverage lovers towards cafes. Commercial plantation of Indian coffee has been started in 18th century and now it has grown exponentially, and it has earned distinct identity in coffee market worldwide.

Coffee business in India is governed in India under “The Coffee Act, 1942” and their rules. By the power conferred under this Act, a Board was constituted known as “The Coffee Board of India” which is entrusted for extending support to coffee industry in areas of marketing, research and development.

Any person willing to export coffee from India then it has to make application to The Coffee Board ofIndia for Registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMC).

Terms & Conditions to become Registered Exporter of Coffee

1. To abide by the provisions of the Coffee Act-1942 (Amended from time to time), the Rules and Orders framed by Coffee Board with regard to Registration / Suspension, Exports of Coffee and other allied items.

2. To abide by the code of fair business practice.

3. To use a standard contract form for the export of coffee.

4. To follow the standards of quality and packing in respect of goods intended for export as and when laid down in this behalf by the Coffee Board.

5. To furnish the statements and such other information as the enrolling authority requires in the prescribed form.

6. The Secretary reserves the right to cancel the registration without assigning any reason/s by giving 1 month notice in writing to the exporter. The exporter shall however have the right to appeal to the Secretary/Marketing Committee of the Coffee Board in such matters.

7. The RCMC issued to the exporter is neither inheritable nor transferrable.

8. The findings and decisions of the Secretary on all matters relating to the registration are finaland binding on the Registered Exporters.
RCMC certificate can be obtained by submitting documents online to the coffee board.

Documents required for Registration
1. IEC Certificate
2. GST registration Certificate
3. PAN
4. FSSAI or MS&ME certificate only for the Manufacturer Exporter
5. Bank Performance Letter
6. Authorized Signatory of Bank
7. Authorized Signatory of the Firm/Company
8. Certificate of Incorporation for only Pvt Ltd and Public Ltd Companies

• RCMC registration is valid for 3 years from the date of registration and it is be renewed after 3 years

• After registration of the applicant as Registered Coffee Exporter, the Registration Cum Membership Certificate with related documents will be sent by the Board to the Registered address of the applicant provided on the application & available on the IEC Certificate through speed post.

Documents required for Renewal
1. Copy of RCMC issued by Coffee Board
2. Import Export Code Certificate
3. Goods and Service Tax (GST) Registration Certificate

• The RCMC is renewable voluntarily within one month from the date of expiry by paying a sum ofRs.6,200/- (Rupees Six thousand two hundred only) Plus applicable GST @ 18% towards renewal fee

• In case of failure of renewal of RCMC on or before the due date (within one month from the date of expiry of the validity of RCMC), the registration shall standcancelled automatically

Other functions at Coffee Board

1. Issue of Export Permits & Certificate of Origin

Coffee Board issues Export Permits under Rule 44(2) Coffee Act 1942 amended from time to time along with Certificate of Origin to the registered exporter of coffee against their application, for coffee export.

The registered exporter can file Export Permit Application (EPA) online through for obtaining Export Permit (Form-C) and ICO Certificate of Origin.

2. Furnishing Post-Shipment Documents

The registered exporter shall submit the post-shipment documents on export of coffee against each export permits obtained by them. The post-shipment documents viz., copies of export permits, bill of lading with on Board Date Seal and certificate of origin duly endorsed by the concerned Customs Authorities, along with other details viz FOB value etc, shall be submitted to the Coffee Board within 45 days from the date of issue of export permits.

3. Intimation Regarding Change in Constitution

In case of change in ownership, constitution, name or address of an exporter shall be intimated voluntarily within one month from the date of such change.

4. De-Registration

The registering authority may de-register the registered exporter of coffee for violation of the terms & conditions of registration, after observing norms in this regard. However, the exporter may appeal against their de-registration with the registering authority.


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