Conversion of Public Company into Private Company

Public limited company is one of the popular and well known form of business structure. A public limited company can be further categorised into unlisted public company and listed public company. The basic difference between these two categories is that shares of unlisted public are not listed on any stock…

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TDS Returns and Forms

–An Article by CA Manpreet S. Taneja– TDS is well known taxation terminology and people are also aware its basic concept. The same has been explained in our previous article, excerpt is as below: TDS is the amount which the person making payment for either goods or services availed (“Payor”)…

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FOSTAC -Food safety Training & Certificate

In India, Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 (FSSAI) have been enacted for regulating food business operators all over India. FSSAI oversees that the food being supplied in the country must be safe and hygienic for consumption. Enacting law, providing licence and registration, calling for information all these steps will…

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MSME Form: Concept and Compliance

Background Although the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act was enacted in 2006 but Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) has gained popularity in past few years. Government has actively promoted MSME’s and taken various initiative to protect the interest of MSME. Hon’ble Prime Minister of India launched “Support…

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License and Registration with FSSAI

In India every person/entity who is willing to carry food business must get themselves licensed/ registered under The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Therefore It is necessary to understand how food business and its aspects are defined. What includes in Food Business? As per section 3(n) of…

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Manner to convert Private Company into One Person Company

Basics of Business and reason for Conversion Formation and structuring of any business depends upon various factors like financial stability, control over business, management decisions etc. on basis of such factors businessperson decides to adopt model for his business that could be a sole proprietorship, partnership firm, company, HUF etc.…

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TDS Rates and Compliances

–An Article by CA Manpreet S. Taneja Introduction Being aware of the fact that one is liable to pay/deposit TDS is not sufficient enough. One must also be aware of the rates applicability on the transactions which will ultimately decides the quantum of TDS. TDS rates and compliances of various…

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