Trademark Registration: Establishing Your Distinct Brand Identity

Strengthen brand recognition, reputation, and consumer trust through robust trademark registration, guarding against copying and fostering customer loyalty.

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A trademark is a mark, symbol, word, recognizable sign, phrase, design, or a combination thereof which create a visual identity of a business and that distinguishes and identifies the goods or services of one company from those of others. Trademark in India is a distinct identity that helps consumers identify and differentiate products or services in the society. A strong trademark helps build brand recognition, reputation, and consumer trust. Once a trademark is registered, it helps the customer to recognise the product or service and it also prevent competitors from being copying it. This protection enables the trademark owner to prevent others from using a similar or confusingly similar mark that may lead to consumer confusion or dilution of their brand. Trademark symbol (TM) is used when application for trademark is filed and Trademark symbol (R) is used when trademark applied application is registered.


Exclusive: Trademark registration provide exclusivity to use the mark in connection with its product and/ or services and it also provide legal protection from being mis-used.

Trust Gain: it helps in brand recognition and gain trust among the public.

Promotional Tool: It is a vital tool in promotion of a brand as sooner or later public start recognising your product or services.

Assets Creation: Once trademark is registered, it become intangible asset of the organisation or person and can be saleable in market.

Legal Protection: it helps to protect the brand name. registered trademark user is entitled to stop other person from mis-using it and registered trademark use may file suit also in the court of law.

What is included in this

1. Filing Trademark Application;

2. Free exert advice;

3. Regular updates;

4. Trade Mark Search;

5. 24*7 mail support;

Initial Documents Required:

1. Applicant Name;

2. Business type and nature;

3. Business objective;

4. Brand Name;

5. Registered Address Proof;

6. Identity Proof.


1. What is the purpose of trademark registration?

Trademark registration provide protection to the brand identity and provide exclusive right to use the mark in relation with good or services.

2. Is there any validity for trademark registered?

Yes, Trademark is registered for 10 years and thereafter, the same can be renewed before expiry of the period for a further period of 10 years.

3. When can one use the word TM with trade name?

After filing an application with the trademark authority, person or organisation is entitled to use the word TM.

4. When the same is considered as registered trade name?

A mark is considered to be a registered trademark when the same is published by the trademark authority in its official journal and certificate is issued.

5. How much time it takes to register a trademark?

There is no fixed time period for registration of trademark. Time period for registration of trademark vary from case to case and depend upon the work load at trademark authority part.

6. What is the difference between TM and R symbol?

When the trademark application is filed, the user may use the symbol TM and when the trademark application filed is registered before the trademark authority, the user may use the symbol R.

7. what is the government fee for filing of trademark application?

A mark is considered to be a registered trademark when the same is published by the trademark authority in its official journal and certificate is issued.

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In case of Individual, MSME Entity, Start-up Entity Rs. 5,000/- Rs. 4,500/-
In case of other than Individual, MSME Entity, Start up Entity i.e. Partnership Firm, LLP, Company Rs. 10,000/- Rs. 9,500/-

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